Mulch is our craft, and we take pride in producing high quality mulch, designed to meet your specific needs. From landscaping companies to homeowners, our double and triple shredded mulch helps elevate the aesthetic appeal of your landscapes while stabilizing soil, conserving water, and providing essential benefits to your plants. We produce both natural and enhanced mulch, including black, brown, and red mulch. Our triple shredded mulch has a finer texture and is color enhanced for maximum appearance.

Double Shredded

Double Shredded

Triple Shredded

Triple Shredded

Natural Mulch


Our natural mulch enhances the natural beauty of the landscape. It is undyed, allowing it to blend seamlessly with the environment. While the color of natural mulch tends to fade more quickly over time, those who wanted a subtle look will appreciate natural mulch’s ability to blend with the rest of your landscape.



Black mulch adds a touch of sophistication to any landscape, adding a sleek and modern look. It can also provide a striking contrast between the vibrant colors of flowers and plants. Due to its darker color, black mulch is often longer-lasting.



Brown mulch strikes a nice balance between the more neutral appearance of undyed mulch, with the longer-lasting color of dyed mulch. Brown mulch blends seamlessly with the rest of the landscape.

RED Mulch


The vibrancy of red mulch delivers a bold, burst of color to any landscape, and can pair well with homes and plants that are lighter in color, providing a better contrast. It can also be well suited to pairing with warm or golden tones in a garden.




Compost can be a beneficial soil amendment that enhances soil fertility and promotes plant growth. It improves the moisture-holding capacity of the soil and adds necessary nutrients. Like the rest of our landscaping products, our compost is made with natural, premium organic materials, carefully processed to ensure its quality and effectiveness.




Our topsoil is screened to remove large sticks and roots, leaving the organic fines which provide a high level of beneficial nutrients for health plant growth. And, they can be blended and/or customized to meet the technical requirements of your specific project. All topsoil is tested to ensure proper nutrient and pH levels.



50/50 BLEND

A 50/50 blend of compost and topsoil can be beneficial when the yard or landscape lacks a good soil base. 50/50 blends can be an excellent choice for raised garden beds, giving roots soil to attach while the compost provides plants nutrients to grow.

Not sure which landscaping option is right for you? We can help! Give us a call to discuss your landscaping and environmental needs.


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